What is Metta

We help companies generate ROI with their Digital Ad spend using video + facebook ads.

Visual Storytelling

Using videos for our campaigns have yielded the best results. We incorporate video into your campaigns.

Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook helps us find the leads you need to increase your sales.

Head Honchos @metta

We are grateful to be able to work together

Jonathan Texeira

Graphics Wizard

Designing is about understanding the genius inside of you.

Desiree DeCosta

Marketing Director

Branding enthusiast. Creative entrepreneur. Love traveling. All is good in the world.

Elias Benjelloun

Technical Director

Inspired to learn, create, and teach all things digital & technical.

Andrew Matthews

Creative Director

Born in Brazil. Loves people, unconditionally. Addicted to telling stories.

Uriel Gamboa

Senior Business Dev

Passionate about growing the entrepreneurial business community


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